A program of non-curated shared showings of experimentation and work-in-progress, for artists at all stages of their development. The events are centered around an audience discussion moderated by a Movement Research Artist-in-Residence or an occasional guest, where we will experiment with different feedback methods to support and inform the artists’ process.

Where & When

Starting in Fall 2013, the series will take place at Movement Research at Eden's Expressway, located at 537 Broadway, 4th Floor, between Prince and Spring Streets.


Spring 2012

February 29
Moderated by Chase Granoff**
Olsi Gjeci, Peter Musante & Sabrina Jacob, Mary Ellen Carafice, Nate Buchsbaum

March 7
Moderated by Margaret Paek
Stephanie Booth, Susio Ogawa, Deborah Black & Davina Cohen, Natalia Duong

March 21
Moderated by Yve Laris Cohen**
Nia Austin-Edwards, MashUp Contemporary Dance, Hanaah Frechette and Dancers, Gillian Walsh

March 28
Moderated by Ben Spatz**
Jennifer Neff, Billy Schultz, Christina Axelsen, Alexa Weir

April 4
Moderated by David Thomson*
Chase Angier, Jennifer Mellor Dance Project, Sophie Schapiro, Loren Groenendaal

April 18
Moderated by Miriam Wolf**
Tara Lee Burns & Kellie Ann Lynch, Rebecca McArthur, Tatyana Tenenbaum & Ezra Tenenbaum

April 25
Moderated by Laurie Berg**
Jordan Isadore, Anne Peacenik, Carmen Caceres, Colleen Cintron

May 2
Moderated by Rebecca Davis **
Asher Woodworth, Jennifer Pommiss, Emily Winkler-Morey, Aaron McGloin

May 16
Moderated by Moriah Evans*
Laurel Atwell, Elana Lanczi, Sarah Konner & Austin Selden, Danielle Russo

May 23
Moderated by Strauss Bourque-LaFrance*
Aimee Plauche, Jessica Parks, Hilary Melcher Chapman, Lindsay Gilmour

May 30
Moderated by Mariana Valencia
Jordan Gehley, Rachel Wynne / expan dance, Jamie Chandler, Rachel I. Berman

June 6
Moderated by Jodi Bender
Irene Siegel, Ben Van Buren, Carmella Ollero, Rebeca Medina

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