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Critical Correspondence: Dance and the Museum

In 2013, Critical Correspondence initiated a project dedicated to the examination of dance in the museum today–its politics, economics, and aesthetics. Acknowledging a long history of cross-pollination between dance and the visual arts–some driven by artists, some by institutions–our hope is to create a forum, based in a dance institution, for the voices of those [...]


From MR’s Archives: Yvonne Rainer and Aileen Passloff in conversation with Wendy Perron

On October 28, 2012, Movement Research held a Studies Project at the New Museum,  A Pluralistic View of the Judson Dance Theater Legacy. This event was a conversation between Aileen Passloff and Yvonne Rainer, moderated by Wendy Perron. 50 years after the first Judson Dance Theater concert at the Judson Gym, Aileen and Yvonne harken [...]

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From MR’s Archives: Steve Paxton and Bill T. Jones in Conversation with Mary Overlie

Following an evening presenting solo work for a Movement Research Studies project, Steve Paxton and Bill T. Jones engage in a post-performance dialogue led and moderated by Mary Overlie. At this moment in time, December 4, 1983, both men have successful careers, engaging in differing ends of the spectrum referred to (somewhat ambivalently) as postmodern [...]


WXPT: In Conversation, Part 2

Critical Correspondence invites founder of WXPT (We are the Paper, We are the Trees), taisha paggett and collaborators (The company consists of Joy Angela Anderson, Heyward Bracey, Rebecca Bruno, Alfonso Cervera, Erin Christovale, Loren Fenton, Maria Garcia, Kloii “Hummingbird” Hollis, Jas Michelle, Meena Murugesan, taisha paggett, Sebastian Peters-Lazaro, Kristianne Salcines, Ché Ture, Devika Wickremesinghe and [...]

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From the CC editors

Please welcome new editor Mariana Valencia who will be joining Biba Bell as co-editor of Critical Correspondence! Will Rawls will move on to an Editor-at-Large role and continue to contribute content to the site. The CC editorial team is committed to diverse forms of writing that engage with the ephemeral nature of performance. We invite submissions that imaginatively and critically examine the processes and histories of artists and communities in the U.S. and abroad. 

Critical Correspondence is a web-based publication of Movement Research that provides a forum for diverse engagements with artistic practice, research, and the contexts that surround the field of dance. Utilizing the flexibility of a digital platform, Critical Correspondence publishes timely and in-depth content in multiple formats, including interviews, experimental and scholarly writing, podcasts and video projects. Edited by a rotating team of artists, the publication aims to foster discourse and increase the visibility of dance and movement-based forms in larger artistic and cultural conversations.

Biba Bell
Mariana Valencia

Will Rawls

Patrick Gallagher
Kelly O'Grady

Former CC Editors: Will Rawls, Abigail Levine, Nicole Daunic, Aaron Mattocks, Marissa Perel, Lydia Bell, Milka Djordjevich, Ursula Eagly, Levi Gonzalez and Alejandra Martorell

To contribute or propose an interview, research project or other form of writing, please contact us. In keeping with Movement Researchs mission, we are especially interested in writings that explore an artistic process over time, with the understanding that we are using the term process in its widest possible definition.

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