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MR Publishing

Performance Journal
Editor-in-Chief: Moriah Evans
Senior Editor: Buck Wanner
Managing Editor: Rebecca Wender

Critical Correspondence
Editors: Biba Bell and Will Rawls


Martita Abril
Jenny Boissiere
Racy Brand**
Emma Rose Brown
Marisa Clementi
Kimberleigh Costanzo
Mariam Dingilian
Dana Florin-Weiss
Leanna Grennan
Bridget Grissom
Kat Norcutt
Tuva Hildebrand Peterson
Sarah Lass
Elena Light**
Kayt MacMaster
Liz McAuliffe
Florence Nasar*
Kelly O'Grady*
Tyler Rai
Lily Bo Shapiro

  • *Critical Correspondence
  • **Performance Journal

  • Interns Report to Greer Dworman and Anna Adams Stark

Board of Directors
  • Moira Brennan (December 2011 – present) Program Director, MAP Fund at Creative Capital

  • Barbara Bryan, Executive Director (January 2000 - present) Performing Arts Producer, Manager and Curator

  • Cathy Edwards, President (January 2008 - present) Director of Programming, International Festival of Arts and Ideas (New Haven, CT)

  • Stephen Facey, Vice President (September 2010 - present) formerly Executive Vice President, Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

  • Boo Froebel, Treasurer (March 2009 - present) Producer, Lincoln Center Festival

  • Anna Glass Coquillot (December 2011 – present) former Managing Director, 651 Arts

  • Molly Gross (December 2013 – present) Communications Director, The Drawing Center

  • Ishmael Houston-Jones, Vice President (2003 - 2012; July 2013 - present) Writer; Curator; Performer and choreographer

  • Sarah Michelson (July 2013 - Present) Choreographer; Curator

  • Carla Peterson (2002-2011; Sept 2012 – present) Director, Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography

  • Will Rawls (December 2009 - present) Independent choreographer, performer and producer

  • David Sheingold, Secretary (March 2010 - present) Independent consultant providing project development, strategic planning, evaluation, facilitation, and fundraising services

  • Steve Staso (2005-2013; September 2014 - present) Filmmaker; Visual artist; Dance enthusiast

  • Michèle Steinwald (March 2013 – present) Independent dance curator and presenter; Community Engagement Consultant, The Cowles Center

  • Dana Whitco (May 2013 – present) Associate Director of the Institute for Performing Arts, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU


Artist Advisory Council
  • niv Acosta
  • Laurie Berg
    Maura Donohue
    Walter Dundervill
    Alex Escalante
    Marjani Forte
    Danielle Goldman
    Joe Levasseur
  • Mariangela Lopez
    Melanie Maar
    Jennifer Miller
    Margaret Paek
    Jill Sigman
    Kathy Westwater
Advisory Board
  • Wendell Beavers
  • David Dorfman
  • Simone Forti
  • Cynthia Hedstrom
  • Bill T. Jones
  • Daniel Lepkoff
  • Mary Overlie
  • Steve Paxton
  • Yvonne Rainer
  • Jim Staley
  • Ian Douglas
  • Alex Escalante
  • Ashley A. Friend
  • Victoria Sendra

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    May 28
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    Klein Technique
  • Janet Panetta
    May 28
    Thursday 12:00 pm-2:00 pm
    Ballet for Contemporary Dancers
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